Collaboration University – Day 3 wrap up

The final day of CU started with two presentations from IBM first up was David Marshak on the future of Unified Communications & Collaboration (yep a very long way of saying Sametime). David showed some of the integration of telephone and video being done by IBM and partners. Sametime 8 was mentioned, though it seems that Sametime 8 will mainly be fixes and support to run on Domino 8. Next up was Jelan Heidelberg to talk about the next steps for Quickr, So if I heard this all correctly there will be a fixpack around October, with a point release in time for Lotusphere which should include the Quickr personal edition. The last session was each speaker from the week giving a 10 minute presentation with the highlights from their presentations over the three days of CU. Carl was nice enough to drive me back to the airport, where I would be for a while. We finally took off a little after 8PM central time, and I made it home about 12:30 this morning. Rob Novak and the rest of the SNAPPS team along with Carl , Chris , and the rest of the presenters put together a great event. CollaborationUniversity is really different then any other conference I have attended, since the event has 50 attendees over the course of three days you get to meet the other attendees as well as spend time with the speakers outside of the sessions. The content presented was excellent and very relevant to projects I am working on, I know I came home with a list of things to follow up on. Check out the CU web site for their upcoming Notes and Domino 8 version of CU In September.

2 Responses to Collaboration University – Day 3 wrap up
  1. Roger Lim
    July 12, 2007 | 3:53 pm

    Certainly, New York City would also be a nice venue for some future conference… This one seems more focused which is good. Although, I also prefer hands on labs. Any cool code givaways?

  2. Carl
    July 14, 2007 | 1:52 pm

    I drove him to the airport and he lived to talk about it Emoticon

    Great to have you at the event. Roger, you should get a student loan and come to the next one :-0