Message Recall – another reminder and word of caution

I have mentioned before that in Notes 8 not only is Message Recall  introduced as a new feature, but it is also enabled by default.  There was much debate about this when the decision was made, and I disagreed with the decision to enable by default, there are too many issues that need to considered for your organization before turning it on.  I am going to focus here on only one issue end user training.  Will the end user understand what mail can and can not be recalled?  I am going to say no, this is at least the third occasion I have received a mail recall message in my inbox from outside my organization.  Now I have no expectation that Lotus Notes will magically reach out across the internet and grab a message back for me, but do most of your mail users understand or care about the final destination of their mail?  Mine don’t, however if your user wants to use mail recall, they are going to have to understand where it will and will not  work.  So what happens when you try to recall an internet message?  Here it is, this is what landed in my inbox when the sender tried to recall A picture named M2 Mail recall is a nice feature to have, and one day when I do implement in my organization might even save me one of those panicked phone calls from someone who hit send just a little to fast, but in this case the message is not only not getting recalled, but this message in  inbox  is screaming at me to read the original  message!   So clearly there are some improvements needed in the process, before I am ready to let it out in the wild.

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