Collaboration University Wrapup

I am back home after a busy few days in Chicago for Collaboration University, not sure where all the time went, somehow I managed not to blog anything while I was there..  On day 1 of CU I presented with Chris Miller on Installing and Configuring Lotus Connections.   The keynote address was delivered by Ed Hackett a retired Marine Colonel, titled “Collaboration When it Counts”.  Julian Robichaux has a good write up on his keynote address. On day 2 of CU I managed to attend a number of sessions, specifically Warren Elsmore’s clustering sessions, and Gabriella Davis’s session on administering Sametime Advanced.  When CU wrapped up for the day Carl Tyler, Warren, and Libby Ingrassia took a nice ride up 103 stories to the observation deck of the Sears Tower, on a nice cool clear day we had a great view of the entire city of Chicago, including this photo of the building where CU was held. IMG_8790 (and for the record, pay no attention to Carl, the good photos were all taken by me) Day 3 was two sessions detailing the futures of Sametime and Quickr, you can see a write up on the sessions by Handly Cameron on his Blog.   After CU wrapped up Handly and I found ourselves some lunch and I then headed back to O’Hare for the flight home, I was a little nervous about my flight since Continental would not allow me to check in on line.  When I got there they informed me they cancelled my reservation because I did not fly to Chicago on the first portion of the round trip ticket.  Despite the fact that I was standing in O’Hare it took a few minutes to convince then that I was actually in Chicago, fortunately the flight was not full, so I got my seat back on the plane, and amazingly we landed in Newark Airport 30 minutes early.

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