Do you want to help improve Lotus Documentation and Technical Content?

Have you noticed there is a new Ideaspace on Ideajam?  The Lotus Technical Content team is now using IdeaJam as a way of soliciting suggestions and feedback on providing better content and documentation.  As further background last  week, myself, Handly Cameron, Stuart McIntyre, Jon Mell, and Luis Benitez, as a result of a conversation that started on Twitter, on gaps in the Lotus Connections Infocenter, had a nice call with the team at IBM responsible for that documentation.  We had a great call and lots of great ideas were put out there.  Now the forum has been opened to everyone, so if you have some ideas to make Lotus documentation and other technical content better, head on over to Ideajam, vote for ideas out there or post your own in the Lotus Technical Information Ideaspace.

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