Blogger Q&A With Execs

Bloggers change the plan! Bob Picciano Jeff Schick Bruce Morse Sean Poulley Doug Heintzman Kristen Lauria Allistair Rennie Kevin Cavanaugh Bruce Elgort, complemented the video from the OGS.  Kristen – been filming customer stories since Sunday to be on You Tube, and a media plan around it. Will it be in Europe too? 14 customers from Germany and the plan is to replicate the setup to tape customers at LCTY Events. Jack Dausman Marketing been impressive, Skype, Linked In, MacWorld… will we see more of this throughout the year, Sean Poulley – many more partnerships in the pipeline.  Meeting expectations well, announcing and delivering not just creating pressware. Is the economy part of why customers are coming to you now? Companies are looking to cut costs, and disparate pieces are being put together to optimize people.   Bruce morse, for 12 months again significant portion of new ST customers are not Notes Shops. Nathan, at this event last year engineers talked about being blocked from releases by legal, you were suprosed, twice this year you made cracks about legal.  Allistair…. My sister is a lawyer.I remember the convesation, we seem to be making progress in that area, and legal is adapting to the dev cycle. Legal is getting better at an Agile clearance process. John Head – came with a checklist of things he wants to hear…. how are you going to compete in 2009 with Sharepoint, he sees alot of sharepoint integration with Office etc… not neccasarily doing well, but doing cheap. Jeff Shick…. Deep Breath… Substaintial improvrements in Qucikr capability, and ECM..   Pricing aggressively, while not giving away. Kevin…. xPages plays heavily in this space.  Allistair we know we have to do better in that space. Building towards common components in Qucikr and Connections, Open NTF…. way of getting code out their faster trying to get licensing changes in a way that large organizations can adopt Duffbert….. HAving to implement Sharepoint……needs the cover. Kevin, we didn’t wait for the spoiler last week, we got out there Kevin… we consciously….. sometimes you do things stupid consciously re foundatons and lack of banch office solution which will be in 1.1 foundation

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