Live Blogging Nachos and News…. breaking news from Lotusphere

Nachos and News is an event being held for the Blogger Program this evening for some news announcements that will be formally announced tomorrow.   Ed Brill is starting off earlier today there was a demo of ActiveSync support for Traveler running on an iPhone.  ActiveSync adds more openness to the Domino mobile platform because of the platforms it is supported on.  Hoping to ship support officially in 2009.  Still need to prioritize which devices to support first with iPhone being an obvious first choice.  Ed is being probed for any indication of how involved Apple or Microsoft was in this decision, and implementation.  Ed says ask Microsoft or Apple. Will you continue to support iNotes ultralite, yes it will continue to be supported and enhanced. Any testing with Android….  no not yet considering what needs to be done on that platform.  Not large interest in business market for Android yet. David Marshak now up to share some highlights from todays UC Keynote.  Sametime 8.5 announced for the second half of the year.   Major overhaul of the server side of Sametime, making meeting reliable and easy.   Introduction of Rich Client for meettings, with comparable feature set for web browser.  Pure http allows joining meetings with no download.  Will still require plugin for sharing.  On the client side full web based Chat client available which will make it easier to integrate Sametime in applications. All current supported platforms will be supported in Sametime 8.5 What is the current migration path to Sametime 8.5 for existing customers, still being worked on. There will be a Sametime 8.5 for Domino (may not be imporved or enhanced), but it will be existing functionality only, new meeting functionality will be on WAS. Caleb Barlow, is coming up for some Foundation news to be followed by a demo.  Starting with a brief overview of the hardware sitting on the table in front of the room.  Foundations is the opportunity to get back in to the SMB market.  Foundations really needs a method of supporting legacy apps when implementing foundations support for VMWare Hypervisor within Lotus Foundations 1.1 alllowing any other application (and OS) to run under Foundations. Announcing Lotus Foundations 1.1 Branch Office  will support integration with existing enterprise deployments, creating an appliance that can run Domino.  From the Domino perspective it is managed the same way as Domino, but from the OS perspective is an appliance making it easily deployable in remote locations. Back live in the demo room. to see a demo of Xerox MFP and Foundations. Xerox device manager running in Foundations, now moving on to using Xerox for Scan to e-mail with Foundation integration. Now showing integration of Paperport OCR running on Foundations scanning a document from the MFP to Symphony on a client machine.  This is very cool….. OK Nathan might have expressed this in a slightly more colorful manner. Off to dinner in a few more later.

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