Lotusphere Day 2 Wrap Up

I should really be sleeping not blogging, so I will be brief. Started the day with the OGS, and I think the blogger program participants definitely had a unique seating arrangement at the OGS.  The chairs were comfortable, but not really the ideal sitting position for two plus hours of live blogging.  My live stream of the OGS is here, I have not really sorted back through it yet, but I will clean it up a bit at some point, and blog my overall impressions. Exceeding my total for all of last year I managed to attend two sessions today INV 103 Social Software Deep Dive ID304 What’s Next with IBM Lotus Connections In addition to the Connections sessions I spent an hour with members of the Connections UX team going over plans for 2.5 and providing them with some feedback.  That was followed by a get together of the GCPC one of the two times a year we meet face to face. Next up was the Blogger Exec Q&A, followed by a quick stop at the North America customer reception, the Blogger/Press Reception, and finally Jamfest Another busy day tomorrow, time to get a little sleep. For those of you reading this that are at  Lotusphere please do me a favor and if you happen to see Ted Stanton please tell him I have been trying to find him for the last two days, but have yet to spot him anywhere.

One Response to Lotusphere Day 2 Wrap Up
  1. Ted Stanton
    January 20, 2009 | 5:53 pm

    Emoticon We definitely need to catch up for some drinks. Hope to bump into over the next couple days.