TDI, Identity vs General Purpose Edition (GPE)

Ed Brill blogged the other day that the TDI Entitlement with Domino will be upgraded to TDI 7.0 when Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Ships later this year (currently projected to ship in early October) A look at the TDI Product Page reveals that TDI comes in two flavors A picture named M2 Johan Varno – the TDI Architect at IBM was kind enough to provide this explanation, and clarification on the Domino Entitlement “There’s some uncertainty regarding the two flavors of TDI that was introduced in TDI v6.1.2. Let me attempt to clarify. First of all, rest assured. Domino customers will be entitled to the TDI Identity Edition (IE). As is the case for all other IBM products that bundle TDI. GPE was introduced for customers that wanted to use TDI in situations that did not involve integration of data including identities, passwords, or people in general. When purchased as a product (ie. When not entitled through another product such as Domino), TDI IE is priced per user/employee that it synchronizes between data systems, but has no pricing model that covers a non-identity usage scenario. It was therefore a costly solution for a company that wanted to integrate an Oracle with a MySQL database. You can install TDI IE on as many servers you want. In contrast, GPE is priced per server it’s installed on, but does not include the connectors, parsers and plug-ins that are used for identity integration. Therefore, Domino customers can use all of the power in TDI as long as Domino is either a source or target of the data integration”

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