Recap of Tri State LUG

This past Monday the Tri State Lotus User Group held our first full day event in NYC, by all accounts the day was a terrific success.  Bob Picciano got the day off to a great start delivering his Keynote, along with some terrific demos from Chris Crummey.  Chris Miller live blogged the keynote not to reiterate the whole thing here, but two of the quotes that Chris captured in his post stood out in my mind as I listened to the session.

There is never a better time to be involved with collaboration


We will see some new paradigms in collaboration at Lotusphere 2010

Guess we have to wait about 66 more days to hear about them!


Following the keynote session we had a full day with 3 concurrent sessions running in each time slot, and followed by a reception in the evening. I have been receiving many requests for the presentations given, we are working on assembling them all and will post them on the Tri State LUG site when they are all in. In the meantime many of the speakers have blogged their sessions:

Luis Benitez – Extending Lotus Connections with TDI to import data from your Domino databases

John Head – Integration and Coexistence: Bridging the gap between your Lotus Notes & Domino applications and Microsoft Office, Visual Studio.NET, and Lotus Symphony to build better solutions

Paul Mooney – DAOS – Step by Step

Bob Balaban – Advanced Programming with Notes/Domino COM Classes

Bruce Elgort & John Head – OpenNTF, the Lotus Notes & Domino open source organization

David Leedy – Xpages: After the Introduction Since we were in an IBM facility alcohol was not allowed, but

Rob Novak improvised and instead of Free Beer delivered Free Beer… Sweet! serving Root Beer instead (and next time you speak to Paul ask him what he thinks of Root Beer or better yet buy him one!)

Big thanks to all the speakers for taking the time out and travelling to NYC to help make the event a success, and of course to our sponsors (GSX, Mainsoft, and TeamStudio) who made the event possible.

Special thanks to Kathleen who oversaw every last detail and made the event run as smooth as it did.

You can see more pictures in my Tri State LUG Fall 2009 Meeting set on Flickr (Thanks to Jim Casale for some of the photos) Finally stay tuned, we are already looking ahead and planning our next event.

3 Responses to Recap of Tri State LUG
  1. David Schaffer
    November 12, 2009 | 9:13 am

    Thanks. A great event, especially at the price! And very professionally run I thought for a user group.

    Any chance of someone posting the slides from the keynote? I think a lot of people wanted to take them back to management who might need some prodding on the value of collaboration and social media.


  2. George Paglia
    November 12, 2009 | 9:55 am

    Emoticon Mitch and Kathleen,

    Thanks and congratulations on holding such a fine event!!! Everything was great.

    You should really post the picture of Paul Mooney tasting his first and (according to him) his last taste of root beer. Emoticon


  3. Rob Novak
    November 12, 2009 | 3:51 pm

    Agree with David and George, this was a really nice event!