How to Determine the Fixpack Level of TDI 6.1.x

I found this Technote a while back, and thought I had bookmarked it in Connections, but turned out I hadn’t.  I needed it again this week and it took me a few minutes to find, so as much for myself as anyone else I am putting it here. The Lotus Connections Detailed System Requirements are quite specific about Tivoli Directory Integrator requiring Fix Pack 6.  I was using a machine that I had not used in a while, and though it had FP6, but when every assembly line I ran resulted in an error I began to suspect that I never actually installed FP6 on this machine. This is where Technote 1302983 Determining the TDI v6.1.x Fixpack Level comes in to play. The problem is

In earlier versions of TDI, the fixpack install left a file in the install directory, but not in v6.1.x.

The Technote then goes on to provide the scripts to run for Windows, Unix, and Linux to determine the Fix Pack level of TDI.  In case your wondering yes once I installed FP6 all of my TDI errors vanished.  I guess that is why TDI is on the exception list.

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