LotusLive Meetings on the iPhone and Android is Coming Soon

You might have caught yesterdays announcement about the new iPhone App for LotusLive meetings.  Today IBM is announcing that mobile access to LotusLive meetings will be extended to iPad and Android soon.

More than ever, businesses are embracing the model of a mobile enterprise — employees working wherever, whenever. In fact, according to analyst firm IDC, there will be more than one billion mobile workers worldwide by year end 2010.  The United States has the highest percentage of mobile workers in its workforce, with 72.2 percent of the workforce mobile in 2008.   Further, the U.S. will remain the most highly concentrated market for mobile workers with 75.5 percent of the workforce, or 119.7 million workers, being mobile in 2013. Considering this established trend, IBM announced cloud computing technology aimed at businesses to provide the mobile enterprise with the right tools to do business on the go.  As enterprises increasingly go mobile, accessing cloud computing resources will help users have a richer mobile experience. With the immediate availability of a free iTunes download of LotusLive Meetings, users can now access cloud-enabled LotusLive web meetings on the iPhone from anywhere, at anytime.

And here is the relevant portion for iPad and Android

And soon, LotusLive users will be able to access LotusLive Meetings from the Android smart phone and the iPad notebook.  

The press release also reminds iPhone users to keep up with LotusLive Labs for alpha releases

iPhone users can also read up on the newest services available in LotusLive, including three pre-alpha applications in LotusLive Labs.  LotusLive Labs is a proving ground for advances in business-driven collaboration in the cloud from IBM Research and Lotus, unveiled in January 2010. These new applications, Slide Library, Collaborative Recorded Meetings and Event Maps, present LotusLive users with even more tools to do business more effectively.

I was happy to see the iPhone application released yesterday, even happier to see the Android announcement today. Lotus Live iPhone App

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