The Saddest Part of Today’s iPad 2 Announcment

Later today Apple will be introducing the iPad 2, what is expected?

  • Camera (probably 2)
  • Thinner lighter design
  • iOS 5 announcements maybe?
  • Facetime upgraded to support teleportation (that one might have to wait until iPad 3)
  • Cloud storage for music & video?
  • One more thing?

We don’t know if Steve Jobs will be there or not, but what is for sure is today’s announcements will solidify Apples lead in the tablet space over the Android competition.

So now for the sad part, I was reading What To Look for at Tomorrow’s iPad 2 Event, and the last line of the article is probably the one thing we know for sure about today’s announcement

“And tune in to the tech blogosphere shortly thereafter, when the rumors for the iPad 3 will begin in earnest.”

Of course there is always the Apple Rumor Publishing Guide Flowchart.

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