Stuck in IE try Chrome Frames for IE

Marie asked an interesting question about browsers on Twitter this morning


I recently came across Chrome Frame for IE a simple install that works in IE6 (no seriously please tell me you are not running IE6), IE7, and IE8 on Windows 7 and XP (well Vista too, see IE6 comment).  Here is a quick video explaining Chrome Frame.

Introducing Google Chrome Frame

I don’t know that enough people are using Chrome Frame to make a difference but I have thought about making my blog pages work with it if I can find the time to play with it.

Why use Chrome Frame? If you are on a PC that you can not install Chrome or another browser on, it is a nice way to take advantage of some of the browsers features while still working in IE, specifically HTML5 canvas tags, and Javascript performance improvements.

Recent versions of Chrome Frame are also supposed to work on locked down machines though results seems to be mixed on if it actually installs or not without Admin rights.

Check out the Chrome Frame Developer Guide for more details or install Chrome Frame for IE here.

Feel free to drop a comment and answer Marie’s original question about multiple browsers.

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