Lotusphere 2012 Departing Thoughts

Another Lotusphere is in the books. I have so many pictures and videos to sort through, session slides to download, notes to follow up on, and people to follow up with, but first sleep.

This was my 8th Lotusphere, and while I always appreciate the opportunity to attend, this year was a little different, and I am especially thankful I was able to attend Lotusphere 2012..

It is always hard to explain Lotusphere to those who have never been, part conference, part family reunion. It was incredible the number of people who stopped me this week, both friends, vendors, and complete strangers (as much as any lotusphere attendee can be a stranger) to offer words of encouragement and support over Elisa’s recent battle with cancer. All of your support is appreciated.

To my many friends who went out of your way to so something extra to make this past week just a little more special you know who you are. Thank you I miss you already.

My employer continues to see the value of Lotusphere and made attending possible again this year, thank you.

I said it before Lotusphere but thanks again to Elisa, and our support system our parents who made attending possible this year.

Big thanks to the weather for cooperating this year, no snow causing flight problems or creating one more thing to worry about at home.

Thanks to the Giants for winning their playoff game on Sunday one more little (OK big) thing that made the week more fun.

There is much more to be said and written about Lotusphere 2012 all of which will have to wait until after a lot of sleep, and the Giants game on Sunday.

One Response to Lotusphere 2012 Departing Thoughts
  1. Michelle Mann
    January 21, 2012 | 9:37 pm

    It was wonderful to have met you this year and to have followed your Tweets. 🙂 All the best to you and your family!