Hurricane Tales part 1

I am going to attempt to share some of the funnier moments from the past week while we were without power and displaced from our home. Here is the first installment.

On Tuesday when We realized we would be without power for a while, we packed up our refrigerator and freezer, grabbed some clothes and headed to my parents in Brooklyn who fortunately had power.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have a place to go, not everyone without power is so lucky, but apparently the accommodations were not quite good enough for everyone.

At bedtime on Tuesday Abe, age 4 1/2 was not happy. You see the last time we slept away from home was our family vacation last August. In the hotel Abe, and his twin brother Jack shared a bedroom which had a TV and bathroom, things they don’t have in their room at home.

So here we are away from home and what is Abe upset about? He wanted a TV and bathroom in his room. Twenty minutes of tears and somehow we resolved his problem.

We asked my parents to consider adding on a bathroom before the next blackout…. Don’t hold your breath.

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