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Happy 3rd Birthday Abe & Jack

March 23, 2008

IMG_2876 IMG_2880

March 23, 2011

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Happy Birthday Abe & Jack

Hard to believe it has been two years since they were born. Happy  Birthday Abe and Jack IMG_4568 IMG_4558

What Kind of Week Has It Been

Where to begin Labor day weekend in our house means we are celebrating Molly’s Birthday which we did on Saturday, and then thought we would find some fun family activity for the remainder of the long weekend.  Well things did not work out as we planned, but we have had quite the interesting week. Sunday morning Jack who had come down with a nasty cough over the weekend woke up wheezing and breathing very rapidly, so we took him in to see the pediatrician.  After a couple of treatments in the doctors office did not help the pediatrician sent us off to the emergency room.  After a couple of more treatments in the emergency room did not help, they decided to admit Jack to the hospital.  A couple of chest x-rays, and some antibiotics later Jack began to improve, and finally this evening we were able to bring him home. Not to be outdone by his brother Abe decided he needed to see the emergency room as well.  Last night he picked a fight with one of the walls in our house…. and lost badly!  Here is Abe in the Emergency room waiting to have four staples put in his head to close the wound CIMG2805 No really he is fine, he just wanted to take all of the Facebook and Twitter sympathy from his brother since his story was much easier to tell in under 140 characters. You really haven’t lived until you can walk between the pediatric unit and the emergency room of a hospital knowing you have a kid on the mend in each (to say nothing of what the hospital staff must think of us by now). Not getting lost in all this is that today was Molly’s first day of school.  Thanks to lots of help from grandparents, and a wife who manages to get every last detail taken care of the matter what chaos is going on in our lives, here is Molly happy to be starting First grade this morning. IMG_8794 Getting back to Jack here he is tonight in the hospital while the nurses were finalizing his discharge papers, looking a lot better then when he arrived at the hospital on Sunday CIMG2814 and as I am finishing this post up, in walks my wife to tell me Abe just threw up all over his crib…. never a dull moment around here

You won't believe who showed up at the March of Dimes March for Babies

IMG_5075 Yesterday was the March of Dimes March for Babies, the Cohen JAM team raised over $300 and had great weather (well it could have been a drop cooler) for the walk yesterday.  We didn’t know it would be a celebrity filled event.  First we got to meet Batman, but the day got even better when we found Curious George along the way. IMG_5069 Thanks to everyone who sponsored our team.

First there was IdeaJam and now there is CohenJAM

Team CohenJAM that is (where the JAM stands for Jack Abe Molly) On Sunday April 26th my family will be participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies.  As you might recall Abe and Jack were preemies, so besides being a great cause it is one that really means a lot to my family. If you want to support a great cause we would love to have you sponsor our team, any amount would be appreciated.  Check out our team page to sponsor us.

Frightening end to a week in Westford

As you might have already known I spent last week in Westford, MA attending the Notes/Domino Software Design Review (SDR).  The week started out well with a train ride from Newark, NJ to Boston Back Bay station.  In Boston I rented a car for the drive to Westford.  The SDR was actually held in the new IBM office in Littleton, most of the building in fact is still under construction.  One thing about the building is that there is virtually no cell coverage inside the building. The week was moving along nicely and on Thursday as the SDR was wrapping up I headed in to the first of two meetings I had scheduled for that afternoon or so I thought.  Fortunately I had my laptop open and in front of me, since nothing was getting through to my cell phone so I missed to the two phone calls and SMS messages from my wife, but I did get her e-mail which read “jack hospital call me”.  I raced out of the conference room to find a spot with cell coverage and found out that Jack had experienced a seizure and was in the emergency room.  Within 5 minutes I was back at my hotel, it took me about 5 minutes to grab my things (I was not supposed to check out until Friday so I was not packed) and in the car on the way back to New Jersey. At the hospital they determined that Jack has suffered a Febrile Seizure and they admitted him for observation and testing.  They found he had an ear infection (again) which caused the fever. Fortunately he was cleared today by the Neurologist and Pediatrician and this evening we were able to bring him home.  I am sure Molly and Abe will be very happy to see him in the morning. We will be seeing the pediatrician again on Monday, and certainly watching Jack very closely for any sign of fever. Right now we are just happy to have him back at home, and feeling better.

Abe and Jacks One Year Checkup

We were off to the doctor today for Abe and Jacks one year checkup, here are the results Abe weighed in at 18 lb 4 oz and is 29 inches long IMG_4353 Jack (who was really not happy to be on the scale) weighed in at 20 lb 2 oz and is 29 1/2 inches long IMG_4348 A good time was had by all especially when they got three shots each, but a nap and a few hours later neither of them seem any worse for the experience.

Happy First Birthday Abe and Jack!

Hard to believe that it has been a year already.  Abe and Jack celebrate their first birthday today. Birthday Boy Abe IMG_4088 Birthday Boy Jack IMG_4095 And a quick look back at what they looked like a year ago, see if you can spot the difference 🙂 Abe March 23, 2008 IMG_2876 Jack March 23, 2008 IMG_2880 We are looking forward to their birthday cake later today (which should make for some good pictures), and switching them from formula to milk!.  We will see the doctor Wednesday for their one year checkup.

Abe and Jack's Nine Month Checkup

Abe and jack turned nine months old today, and had their checkups.  They are both doing great, here are their results. Abe weighed in at 16 lbs 12 oz and is 27 1/2 inches long IMG_1388 Jack weighed in at 19 lbs 5 oz and is 28 3/4 inches long IMG_1383 We will see the doctor again in 3 months when they turn one.  I think we are going to start counting down the days until then when we will be done with formula and start them on milk.

November 29, 1998