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Notes & Domino 8.5.3 System Requirements

I know I will need these technotes a number of times over the next few days so for myself and anyone else looking for them in one place here goes:

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 System Requirements

IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 System Requirements

IBM Lotus Domino Designer and Administrator Clients 8.5.3 System Requirements

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 System Requirements

IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5.3 System Requirements

Lotus Mobile Jam week May 16-19, 2011

Next week Lotus Support and User Experience teams are hosting a Mobile Jam.  They are looking for feedback on all Lotus Mobile products including

  • Traveler
  • Sametime
  • Connections

To participate you will need a Lotus Greenhouse ID, so if you don’t have one yet, head over and sign up now.

Once you are logged in to the Greenhouse join the UX Design Info Community, and then the Mobile subcommunity to participate in the Jam.

There are open mic calls every day of the Jam starting with the kickoff call Monday morning at 10 AM EDT, immediately followed by a call on Mobile access to IBM Lotus Sametime at 11 AM EDT.

Tuesday at 11 AM EDT is Using Blackberry Devices and BES with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino

Wednesday at 11:30 AM EDT is Mobile Access to IBM Lotus Notes using Lotus Notes Traveler

Thursday the week wraps up at 10 AM EDT with a Chat with Ed Brill

In addition to the schedule of calls, you can also participate by posting and responding to others in the community mentioned above.  If you have opinions about mobile access to IBM Collaboration Solutions take advantage of the opportunity next week and participate.

More details can be found here: Mobile JAM week May 16-19,2011

Can it Core A Apple?

No this post has nothing to do with Apple, Mac, DDE, DDE on Mac, etc… if you don’t get the title you can find the reference here.

BP207 Apps, Apps, and More Apps: Meet the Very Best Open Source Apps from OpenNTF was one of those sessions I wanted to get to at Lotusphere, but couldn’t quite make it to.  I finally had the chance to flip through the slide deck the other day, and suggest you do the same, there are some incredible tools available on OpenNTF, some of which are highlighted in this session.

To start there were a few I already had installed like File Navigator and WildFire, my favorite new one that I learned about viewing this presentation is Snippets.  You can see how Snippets works in this video

To install Snippets you need to both install the Eclipse Plugin, and download the Notes Database used to store the Snippets. This is a great tool for saving and reusing bits of information.

I also want to take a look at iWatch X which will give me my first chance to install the XPages Extension Library (which was updated yesterday) on a server. There is also the Information Retrieval Tool referred to as Deja Vu in the presentation that looks interesting.

I am always looking for ways to make myself even more productive in my Notes client and thanks to Bruce and Niklas for this excellent short cut to a few new apps. Take a look at the deck, and at OpenNTF you never know what you might find that is useful to you as an individual or to your organization

IBM (Lotus) Product Requirements – there’s an app for that!

Have you ever struggled to determine the prerequisites, compatibilities, etc while deploying an IBM solution? If you are still reading I am guessing the answer is yes.  IBM has developed a new site, designed to help you sort out these details.


Here for example is a report for Lotus Connections 3.0 Operating Systems Supported


Note the ability to save as PDF or print.

There is a nice list of reports as you can see, and in the few samples I tried it worked fine, this looks,like it could be a terrific resource.

Software Product Compatibility Reports

Live Blog Alistair Rennie Keynote at #admin2010

seem to be having some technical issues working on getting content back in here – refresh for updates IMG_6698 IMG_6705 Not sure what happened but seem to have lost first half of blog, will get it back in later picking up live now Alistair is now talking about Lotus Connections Next with the major themes being Social Analytics, and improved capabilities around compliance and auditing, improving Communities. Quickr – big things happening in both Java and Domino but expecially Domino  Better consistency between Domino and J2EE quickr.  Lot of work on the Domino side with better administration capabilities, Ron Demoing IMG_6715 Sametime 8.5 “huge changes” web proxy, and much better meeting experience, audio and video, iPhine browser client. Now back to Ron for more demos, Quickr, Sametime, and Connections If you are interested in Beta for Lotus Live Notes you can nominate yourself for beta at Last 20 minutes of the keynote will be open Q&A, Brent Peters and Russ Holden will be joining Alistair on stage to take questions Ron Demoed Traveler on Android (beta soon), Quickr, Connections, and Sametime 8.5.  Great sametime 8.5 video demo, guess Ron could not find a demo partner – he had a cardboard cut out on the far end of the video. Alistair back talking about LotusLive, and integration with Skype, UPS, Salesforce, and Silanis. Ron is now demoing LotusLive Notes, and Silanis integration Alistair will be back shortly for a Vulcan update and then Q&A Alistair now back talking about Vulcan which has 4 basic themes Continuity – build on your existing investment Convergence – on-premise, cloud, mobile, web and desktop Innovation – Social Analytics, better way to manage information New Opportunities –  change the way people think about collaborative apps Ron is now doing a Vulcan Demo – This is the third time I have seen this demo Lotusphere, LCTY, and today it really has not changed, I am waiting to see some new Vulcan demos. Application Catalog with in the client in the Vulcan demo – this I have not seen yet. IMG_6719 Russ and Brent on stage now for Q&A, first couple of questions were around encryption and security. I think I am going to call this a wrap now, and will update later if there are any really good questions asked. More from Admin 2010 Later

What has @edbrill been doing all week on the West Coast

Yes I would really like to know what Ed was working on here

I’m at Apple Inc. (1 Infinite Loop, at Mariani Ave, Cupertino). May 05 20:54:39 via foursquare

For now will have to just settle for these videos of Ed talking about Lotus a the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this week

I Will be Speaking at Admin2010

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at this years Admin2010 Conference in Boston.  Admin2010 which is co-located with Developer2010 runs from May 12 to 14.  A ticket to either conference entitles you to attend sessions at both the Admin and Developer conferences. Registration is open, and the lowest rate is available until March 12. What am I speaking about? Here is my abstract: Expert techniques to customize Lotus Connections Profiles Populating Populating Profiles with the right data is vital to any successful Lotus Connections deployment. This session provides an overview of Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) and an in-depth look at the scripts provided out of the box with Connections. Learn the inner workings of how Profiles is populated from LDAP as well as how to integrate with other data sources, including demonstrating TDI’s ability to connect to practically any data source. Find out how to customize Profiles to display the correct data for your organization and how to add and remove fields, add custom fields, and control which fields can and cannot be edited by the end user. In addition we will teach you how to display different profile data for different types of employees.

An (unfortunately) Much Needed Tool for Duplicate Entries on Notes Calendars

If you have used or supported Notes Calendars (or probably any other calendar) for any length of  time you have probably run in to problems with duplicate entries at some point, usually they happen on heavily used calendars that are maintained by multiple individuals… but they happen.  Notes 8.5 introduced the Repair Calendar Feature which has been helpful.  Today IBM made public their Tool for finding and removing duplicate calendar entries documented in Technote 1316738.

Question How can you find and remove duplicate calendar entries in Lotus Notes?   Answer You can use the attached tool (in the Attachments section below) to find and remove duplicates found in the calendar view of a mail file. The tool is a database template file that can be used to create a database and agent that runs the application. The agent can also be copied from the database template to another mail file or template. For best results, run the tool locally on a copy of the problem database to verify that it will work as expected. Some problems have been observed in getting the tool to run on a server copy of a mail file. If you encounter a problem, run the tool on a local replica and then replicate the changes to the server copy. WARNING: This tool should be used as is and at the user’s own risk. This tool has been used on several different mail files with success but IBM/Lotus cannot ensure that it will work with every mail file since it has not been quality assurance tested. This is not a supported tool but is a possible solution with the understanding that errors relating to the tool cannot be resolved by Product Development or Product Support.

File this away in the category of I hope I don’t need it, but I am glad it is available if I do.

Lotus Symphony Pricing Revealed

Over the last day or so I have seen any number of news stories revealing the pricing for Office 2010, there are any number of versions and pricing from $99.00 to $499.00. I thought it would be helpful to compare this to pricing for Lotus Symphony so here is a simple chart: Lotus Symphony: Free Download Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony Now Available on Keepod Devices

IBM, VMware, and Keepod are announcing today the availability of Lotus Symphony for Keepod devices allowing Symphony to run from the portable device without any installation required on the host PC.

This portable version of the software, packaged using VMware ThinApp and made possible through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement between IBM and NSEC, can be launched directly from any Keepod device, without installing anything on the PC and without leaving a footprint on the system. Launching Lotus Symphony directly from Keepod means that users won’t leave any trace of their work, which may be confidential in nature.

“With this Keepod offering, we are able to extend Symphony benefits to many new users,” said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Lotus. “Our goal with Lotus Symphony software is to provide a fully capable alternative to Microsoft Office, giving business and consumers alike real choice and cost savings.”

IBM Lotus Symphony Productivity Software Available On Credit Card-Sized, Keepod Devices