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IBM SmartCloud rebranding to IBM Connections Cloud

We heard last January at IBM Connect that the IBM Collaboration Solutions would all be rebranded under the IBM Connections name.   IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is no exception and will be changing later in September.

Current Name New Name
IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced IBM Connections Cloud S1
IBM SmartCloud Engage Standard IBM Connections Cloud S2
IBM SmartCloud iNotes IBM Connections Web Mail Cloud
IBM SmartCloud Archive Essentials IBM Connections Archive Essentials Cloud
IBM SmartCloud Connections IBM Connections Social Cloud
IBM SmartCloud Docs IBM Connections Docs Cloud
IBM SmartCloud Meetings IBM Connections Meetings Cloud
(New Offering) IBM Connections Chat Cloud

Looks like they are holding off on changing the Notes Mail product names until Mail Next launches.

The URLs will not be changing, just the product names.

Live Blogging: LotusLive Cloud Collaboration Strategy #LS11

Join me for live coverage, comments, and photos from Sean Poulley’s LotusLive Cloud Collaboration Strategy session . Feel free to post your own comments or questions, I will do my best to respond.

Check out the complete Live Blog Schedule.

LotusLive Events – There Has to be a Better Way

I don’t complain very often, at least I try not to, but today I had to register for 6 different “Events” Running on LotusLive, and in the process discovered that the process is quite cumbersome.   To step back a moment I am talking about the LotusLive Events service, not simply LotusLive Meetings, Meetings could not be easier to join, you simply need the URL or the Meeting ID. Now lets take a look at the Event registration process 1. Go to the URL for the event and Register (OK this part makes sense), when done you will see this on the screen A picture named M2 2. Receive the confirmation e-mail which contains yet another link to click on A picture named M3 3. Click on the link in the e-mail which takes you to this screen A picture named M4 4. Receive (yet another) e-mail which contains an .ics file that can be imported in to your  (Notes) calendar to place the event and meeting/voice information on your calendar So if we sum up that was 3 URL, and 2 e-mails all to sign up to participate in an event.  I don’t know about you, but I think this process can be streamlined just a bit  

Understanding Guest Accounts in LotusLive

This year Lotusphere Presentation’s were shared with attendees via LotusLive.  If you were a Lotusphere attendee who did not have an existing  LotusLive account you were granted Guest access to LotusLive to be able to download presentation files. Over the last few weeks I have seen a number of comments about LotusLive from #ls10 attendees and it became clear that there was a lack of understanding about Guest accounts and what services they entitled an individual to on LotusLive. The product management team was kind enough to share this deck with explains guest access in great detail.