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The ODBC DSN could not be registered” when adding a database from DB2 Configuration Assistant

A while ago I documented how to connect the DB2 Client to a remote database, which is useful if you want to run the DB2 client on your local machine and connect to various DB2 servers.  Recently I came across this error trying to add a database  using the DB2 Configuration Assistant.

CCA3054N The ODBC DSN could not be registered

After checking and re-checking my Database configuration and deciding I had all the information correct I started searching and found the anwer

The error is caused by the Microsoft UAC (User Account Control) feature included in Windows Vista, 7, and 2008. In order to create a system DSN, local administrative privileges are required. Even if the logon user is a local administrator, the UAC feature causes the logon user to only include the standard user token. As a result, Configuration Assistant will not be able to detect the administrative authority and the process of trying to add the system DSN will fail.

I quit the Configuration Assistant, ran it again using “Run as Administrator” and magically it worked.

Technote: 1575269: “CCA3054N The ODBC DSN could not be registered” when adding a database from Configuration Assistant on Windows Vista, 7, or 2008


Important Links for IBM Connections 4.0

IBM Connections 4.0 is available for download today, just so I have all these in one place:

Technote 4033179: Download IBM Connections (includes all the part numbers)

Technote 7035893: IBM Connections 4.0 Detailed System Requirements

IBM Connections Wiki: Connections 4.0 Documentation

and of course always remember to check Fix Central for the latest fixes.

Classic Domino Admin

This used to be a mainstay in my Notes client toolbar, and for some reason I forgot all about it, until someone was nice enough to remind me yesterday.

In preferences customize your toolbar and add a new button with a Formula of


Make sure that button is in a visible toolbar, and you now have an instant classic domino remote console

remember when life was so simple

I am sure this is documented elsewhere, but leaving it here as a reminder to myself.


Connecting Tivoli Directory Integrator to a Domino Database

Most of my work in Tivoli Directory Integrator has been using CSV Files,  LDAP, AD, and DB2 as sources/destination for data occasionally but not often I connect TDI to read/write from a  Domino Database.

This morning I banged my head against the wall for a bit having forgotten one simple step to make this work, so saving this here as much as a note to myself as anything else.

TDI ships with a Notes Connector, but requires a Jar file to be copied from Domino to TDI before it will work, if you are planning on using the Notes Connector make sure you copy NCSO.jar from <dominodata>\domino\java to <tdiprogram>\jars\3rdparty\others and restart TDI.

If you are not using TDI remember both IBM Connections and IBM Lotus Domino both ship with entitlements to TDI, it might be the best free tool you aren’t using.