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How to name your kid (wait is the domain name available?)

Everyone has their own way of picking names for the kids, some are based on local or religious custom, others just pick names they like, well enter a new criteria in name selection, is the domain name available?

Likewise newborn Bennett Pankow joined his four older siblings in getting his own Internet moniker. In fact, before naming his child, Mark Pankow checked to make sure “” hadn’t already been claimed.

“One of the criteria was, if we liked the name, the domain had to be available,” Pankow said. It was, and Pankow quickly grabbed Bennett’s online identity.

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How to pay your taxes

I have the honor of living in New Jersey, where we pay the highest property taxes in the country njpropertytax.jpg Source: Propery Taxes: Where does your state rank? Well this Indiana resident got a little fed up with his recent property tax increase.

Cary Malchow was so upset by his property tax bill he decided to make a scene by paying it — all $12,656.07 — with bags of change and $1 bills.

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