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How to Prepare for Sametime Sessions at Lotusphere


Are you Attending Lotusphere? Are you planning on attending sessions to learn about Sametime 8.5.2? Here is a great way to get ahead of the game and maximize what you learn while attending Lotusphere.

Written by Gabriella Davis, Marie Scott, and Tom Duff this book will help you understand the new architecture and fundamentals of Sametime 8.5.2.

The book is published by Packt Publishing and available from Packt or Amazon.




*In the interest of full disclosure I was a technical reviewer for this book while it was being written

Upgrading Sametime in Notes 8.5.3 from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2

If all those version numbers in the title don’t confuse you I don’t know what will.

Notes 8.5.3 ships with Sametime 8.5.1, but can be upgraded to Sametime 8.5.2.  Depending on your entitlement there are two packages you can download to upgrade the embedded Sametime client, depending on your entitlement.

Under the Notes/Domino product family you will find part number CZZ92ML provided as part of the Sametime Entry entitlement

ST 8.5.2 for 8.5.3 2

Under Sametime you will find Part Number CZYF7ML

ST 8.5.2 for 8.5.3 1

either way to get the installer for the Notes client you are looking at a 2GB download.  The Installer is the same in either download.  Once you extract the zip file you are looking for SametimeEntryClient\sametimeclient.for.notes directory if you used CZZ92ML or SametimeStandardClient\sametimeclient.for.notes directory if you used CZYF7ML where you will find installs for  Windows, Mac and Linux.

For Windows it is an installer, for Linux a couple of package flavors, and for Mac there are install instructions available in a readme file.

For more information on upgrading and instructions how to check your Sametime version in Notes see this entry on upgrading to Sametime 8.5.1 in Notes 8.5.2.

I have already heard a number of people as “why didn’t they just ship it with 8.5.2” fair question, the answer I am sure has to do with timing of the Sametime 8.5.2 release and time to package in Notes 8.5.3 for shipping.  The reality is I don’t care what version of Sametime ships embedded with Notes, what I care is that I can get the version I want without changing the Notes client version so this is fine with me.

From the Sametime Wiki Upgrading the IBM Lotus Sametime client embedded in IBM Lotus Notes to Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 or 8.5.2

A Friendly Reminder End of Support for Sametime 7.5.x

Just a friendly reminder that on September 30th (as in 2 days from now) the Sametime 7.5.x family of products hits the end of Support.  Sametime 7.5.x was released between October of 2005 and May of 2007.




Now is probably a good time to be looking at Sametime 8.5.2.  You can also pre-order the Sametime Administration Guide written specifically for Sametime 8.5.2 and due out later this year.

Sametime Upgrade Open Mic Calls (Community Server and Client) 7.x to 8.5.2

Two more Sametime Open Mic calls have been scheduled for mid-august.

The first call will be on August 16th, 2011 at 11:00 AM EDT and will cover "Upgrading IBM Sametime Community Servers: 7.x to 8.5.2."

See Technote 7022205 for Web Conference and Dial-in Information

The next day on August 17th, 2011 at 11:00 AM EDT the topic will be "Upgrading IBM Sametime Clients: 7.x to 8.5.2."

See Technote 7022206 for Web Conference and Dial-in information

Support for Sametime 7.0.x and Sametime 7.5.x ends on September 30, 2011 so now is an excellent time to be planning your upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2.



Check the Lotus Software lifecycle dates page for maintenance and support dates for any product.

Upgrading and Deploying Sametime 8.5.2 Open Mic Call

Interested in Upgrading or Installing Sametime 8.5.2? IBM is hosting an Open Mic Call on Tuesday July 19th at 11 AM EDT.


See Technote 7021739 for international dial-in information

There is also a Sametime Administrators Guide (for 8.5.2) in the works and due out in the fall, written by Gabriella Davis, Marie Scott, and Tom Duff.

Using the DB2 Control Center to Connect to a Remote Database

DB2CCWhen using DB2 you might want to use the Control Center GUI to query or manage a database that resides on a remote machine, took me a little time to work out and I promised others I would share this.  I am sure there is more then one way to accomplish this, your mileage may vary.

Before you begin you need to collect the following information

  1. Fully Qualified Hostname where the DB2 database resides
  2. Services file entry for the database – this will include the instance name and port number (default is 50000, but could be different depending on your DB2 Configuration
  3. The Database Name to connect to
  4. The operating system of the DB2 Install
  5. Username & Password to connect to the Database

You can get this information from your friendly Database administrator or find it yourself.  If you have access to the physical machine where DB2 is installed you can get the instance name and port number from the services file on that machine.

Before you begin edit the Services file on the machine with the DB2 Client, simply cut and paste the entry from the DB2 host machine for example this would represent two unique DB2 instances

db2_LC3    50000/tcp
DB2_LC25  60000/tcp

From the DB2 Control center (on the client machine) launch the Configuration Assistant


From the ‘Selected’ dropdown choose Add a Database Using Wizard


Select Manually configure a connections to a database and click Next


Select TCP/IP as the communications protocol


Enter the FQHN of the DB2 server and the Service name (that you added to the services file above) use the “Retrieve” button to fill in the port number (from the services file)


Fill in the database name (in this example I am connecting to an IBM Connections Profiles DB named PEOPLEDB.  Assign an Alias – Aliases must be unique, for example I might connect to a production and test PEOPLEDB, the aliases must be unique (aliases are also limited to 8 characters the first of which must be alpha).  Optionally you can add a descriptive comment.


Simply accept the defaults on this screen


Use the dropdown to fill in your operating system, and fill in the Instance Name, the instance name is the same value you put in the System file


Fill in the system name using the same value as instance name above, the other fields should already be filled in


Keep the default of Use authentication value in server’s DMB Configuration (unless you are using a different authentication method).  Click Finish when you are doneimage

Click on Test Connection to verify your work


Enter your database username and password (username is most likely LCUSER for an IBM Connections database) and click Test Connections


If you see this you have completed the setup successfully, if not go back and double check your work


Once you have successfully created connections to DB2 databases you can back them up, or share them with others.  See Exporting a configuration profile using the Configuration Assistant and Configuring database connections using a client profile with the Configuration Assistant for details on importing and exporting.

Webcast on Sametime Client Yahoo Integration

I have previously chronicled Yahoo’s decision to end support for the Sametime Gateway, and the temporary extension of that service from January to June of this year.  Well check your calendar, it is almost June, and the Sametime Gateway will be losing it’s connectivity to Yahoo very soon.

IBM is hosting a webcast to talk about the new client integration for Yahoo.


Technote 7021721: Webcast: IBM Sametime Client Yahoo! Integration feature – 7 June 2011

Sametime Gateway Yahoo Support Extended for Existing Customers

Back in October of last year IBM announced that due to changes made by Yahoo, the Sametime Gatweway would lose support for Yahoo in January 2011.  Today IBM announced a stay of execution for existing customers until mid-year:

“Hello Sametime users!

I am pleased to inform you that IBM has signed an agreement  with Yahoo that will  allow customers  to extend the Sametime connection  to Yahoo through mid 2011. This  is for existing gateway customers, already connected. The replacement will be a Sametime Connect client plug in offering to connect to Yahoo using Yahoo IDs to authenticate. IBM will make this plugin available to existing and new customers. The exact release date this summer is not yet finalized, but our intent is to have this released before the Yahoo Gateway access is removed.

Please refer to the Lotus Sametime Support site for updates on this topic. “

So while Yahoo support is still going away, you have a bit longer.  As for the replacement plugin, that will simply allow you to use your Sametime client to chat on Yahoo IM, but will require you to use a Yahoo ID and Password, this is similar to the AOL Chat integration that was in the Sametime 3.1 (I think that is the version) client.

Open Mic Call: Sametime Gateway / Yahoo Interoperability Changes – November 10

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Yahoo has decided to make changes to some of their federation agreements which will impact the Sametime Gateway in 2011. On Wednesday November 10, 2010 IBM will be hosting an Open Mic call to share more information about these upcoming changes

IBM is hosting an Open Mic conference call on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. US Eastern Time (15:00 GMT) to share more information and address your questions about the decommission of Lotus Sametime Gateway interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service in 2011.

You can RSVP to attend the event here Technote 1450453: Open Mic: Changes in 2011 to IBM Sametime and Yahoo interoperability – 10 November 2010 Tehcnote 1449088: Interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service changes in 2011

Yahoo to Discontinue Support for the Sametime Gateway

There have been rumblings about this for a while, but Yahoo will be discontinuing their support for the Sametime Gateway, I received this notice from IBM today. Hello!  This email contains important information about changes to IBM Sametime and Yahoo! interoperability in 2011. Our records show that at one point your company registered your IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway for interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service. Today, your Lotus Sametime Gateway integrates directly with the Yahoo! Messenger servers through single sign-on capability, letting your employees use their corporate Sametime identity to exchange presence information and text chats with Yahoo! Messenger users. Yahoo! Inc. has notified IBM that it intends to discontinue this method of interoperability in the near future. Sametime interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service is currently scheduled to be discontinued in January 2011, however IBM is in discussions with Yahoo to extend this date.  We are also exploring other ways to provide Sametime interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service and hope to have an alternative before Gateway services are discontinued. IBM intends to host an Open Mic conference call on Wednesday, 10 November, from 10am to 10:30am Eastern Standard Time (USA east coast time), during which we will share more information and address your questions about this change.  The Open Mic details will be added to the Lotus Support Technical Exchange page closer to the event.  In addition, we will keep you informed of any further changes by e-mail or by a News item on the Lotus Sametime Support site. Please note that the Sametime Gateway will continue to function as normal for AOL, Google, Microsoft OCS and other Sametime communities.