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Where Did You Get the Car? I Found it

A note on the post title: Back in the early 1990’s my friends and I spent a  lot of time bowling at Jamar Lanes in Brooklyn where we once witnessed this conversation between a father and son:

Father: Where did you get the car?

Son: I Found it

This went on for a while though I couldn’t tell you how it ended.

This mornings incident reminded me of that story as I woke up and found a car… in our backyard.


To give you a little perspective on the path the car took here is an overhead view from Google Maps, the car jumped the curb and followed the arrow across the yard finally coming to a stop all the way in the back.  All this with out hitting my house, or any of the fences (including our relatively new fence not seen in the photo) surrounding the property.


The police were called and were obviously amused by what they found, the car is not stolen, and we still don’t really understand how it came to be in our backyard this morning.  According to a neighbor the car arrived here around 2:30 AM, we slept right through it.


The police called a tow truck, in the end it took 2 tow trucks about an hour to get the car back onto the driveway and haul it away, here is some video

Here is the car when it was finally back on land


I think the yard is going to need some work after this


and finally the car was hauled away


I look forward to reading the police report when it is available in a couple of days and seeing if it sheds any light on the mystery of how the car wound up in our back yard.

Certainly made for an interesting start to the week, and it was something to talk about other than the Giants terrible loss last night.