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Five Years

five years and counting











Yesterday marked the fifth birthday of CuriousMitch, my first post coming from Collaboration University back in 2007.  Things appear to have been a little slower than usual here recently, partly because of a lack of time, and partly due to working on a couple of projects that don’t lend themselves to blogging.   I have lots of posts in drafts that one of these days I will finish and post (or I might simply discard them).

Thanks for stopping by enjoy help yourself to a piece of Blogiversary cake, in honor of 5 years.

I am Four Years Old Now

Time really flies, tomorrow will be four years since the launch of CuriousMitch.  Lots of changes this past year with the migration from the Domino based Blogsphere Template over to a self hosted WordPress installation.

Thanks to all of you who continue to stop by and read, comment and otherwise encourage me to keep blogging.  Blogging has changed a lot in the four years since I started, with a lot of traffic now moved to Twitter or other Social Networks, but I still enjoy caring and feeding for my blog and plan to keep it up. 

Help yourself to a piece of cake.

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