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Sonny and Cher at IBM Connect 2013

Tom Duff and Andy Donaldson back on stage again at IBM Connect 2013.

The IBM Connect 2013 Sonny & Cher Playlist

Thanks for all the great suggestions for the Sonny & Cher reunion at IBM Connect.

Sonny and Cher Return for IBM Connect 2013

Last year at the conclusion of Lotusphere those who were lucky enough to be in Kimonos on Thursday night saw Tom Duff & Andy Donaldson do their best imitation of Sonny & Cher with their rendition of “I got you babe“.  Tom and Andy will be back (there might even be two shows this year) and we need your help picking a song for them.

Please make your suggestion (if the form does not appear below click here)

I Got You Babe – Lotusphere 2012