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My Google Reader Replacement(s)

After Google announced the shutdown of Google Reader in March I went through a period of denial, surely Google would change their mind.  By mid May I realized I better start looking for alternatives, and with less than a week to go until Google Reader shuts down I think I have settled on my replacements.

I check my RSS feeds on my PC, Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), and on my iPad.  Having them all in sync is probably the most important feature to me.  After trying a few alternatives here is where I landed.


Feedly  – it has been around for a while working with Google Reader, but never worked for me in the past. The folks at Feedly have done an incredible amount of work in the last 100 days, and with a little time spent tweaking the preferences it is working well for me.   Some features I am missing

  • Search (for when I can’t remember where I read something)
  • Ability to display read and unread items
  • Drag and Drop sorting of feeds and categories (they can be sorted just not via drag and drop)

Given the amount of work Feedly has done so far to fill the Google Reader void I am optimistic that things like search will be addressed sooner rather than later.


A while back I ditched the Google Reader app on my phone and replaced it with Press.  I was very happy when Press and Feedly announced they would work together and support Feedly in Press.  I am happily continuing to use Press on my phone, it should all be this easy.


I had been using Feedler on my iPad, but they are yet to announce any definitive plans to support Feedly so that is history, after trying a few options I settled on Newsify for the iPad.

I am aware that Feedly has native apps for iOS and Android neither of which worked for me and the way I like to read.

I may have to check out the reader that the folks at Digg have been working on, but right now it seems to be missing a large number of features in its early stages.

If you were a Google Reader where have you moved? What mobile apps are you using?

Google Readers Hidden Features

Last night I decided to clean up my feed reader a little, enough people asked about finding the “inactive feeds” view in Google Reader that I figured I would put it here. First I like Google Reader it has a nice clean interface, is available from any computer, and presents my feeds to me in a way that I can process them quickly easily finding the items I want to read and ignore the rest.  There are also many apps that synchronize with google reader for mobile or offline reading.  For me it is Feedler on iOS, and NewsRob on Android which allow me to keep up when I am not in front of my computer.  I also used the starred items feature to mark stuff to read later, and I also share items in Google Reader and follow other people who share. Now back to the topic at hand, cleaning up feeds that no longer provide content.   In Google Reader on the upper left hand side look for the “Trends Link” 11-5-2010 7-04-28 AM Where you can find out all kinds of interesting things like this 11-5-2010 7-05-49 AM You can also see the statistics for each feed you subscribe to, I look at this sometimes and when I see I am reading 1% of a particular feeds posts I can easily determine it is clutter and unsubscribe.  (As a side note, the only item in my reader which is consistently at 100% of items read is the Daily Dilbert Feed). Finally on the right side you have your Subscription Trends view where the second tab will show you your inactive feeds (I also like the obscure feed view) and allow you to unsubscribe using the trash can 11-5-2010 7-06-33 AM Before anyone asks yes I know about Feedly I have tried it a few times, I find that I can get through my feeds more efficiently in Google Reader, but if you have not looked at Feedly it integrates with Google Reader and is worth a look Google Reader is a lot more then just a feed reader, if you are using it already take a little time to explore some of it’s social features, and other tools that can help you find the information you are looking for.  You can follow my Google Reader Shared items here.