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Superbowl Tickets Maybe Not

The Superbowl will be played in my backyard this year, today the NFL was nice enough to send me an email letting me know that tickets are now available.


Out of curiosity I clicked, the cheapest tickets


and the most expensive tickets

I guess I will be watching it the comfort of my den 🙂

Which one am I?

I know I have been talking about the Super Bowl quite a bit this week here, here and here (maybe even here too), but hey the Giants are in the big game and I am excited.   For a little fun today can you pick which of these Super Bowl party goers I might be? Leave a comment with which one you think I am, and let me know which one best describes you.

Lets Go Giants

Lets Go Giants!

Don’t Reply to All (My Favorite Superbowl XLV Commercial)

My Favorite Commercial from Superbowl XLV

Of course if you are using Lotus Notes this is a good reminder about changes thankfully made in Notes 8.0.x and later

@curiousmitch Any good Loti know’s that the Reply All (With Attachments) is no longer the default 🙂Mon Feb 07 00:18:09 via Twitter for Mac