Collaboration University – Day 1 wrap up

Following a long night of travel to Kansas City ( it is a pleasure living close to the perpetually delayed Newark Airport) it was a busy first day, starting with Mike Rhodin’s Keynote and then six content filled sessions. Lotus Installation Services for Domino Installation and Configuration – Jerald Mahurin – main points of interest to me at this session was the differences between a clean install of Quickr as opposed to upgrading an existing Quickplace instance. In an upgrade places remain in the familiar Quickplace directory, in a clean install they will be in the LotusQuickr directory. Jerald also covered a bug with switching themes in an upgraded Quickr environment caused by a hardcoded reference in HaikuForms.nsf to the LotusQuickr Directory, there is a hot fix pending for this issue. Finally of interest is that hot fixes for Quickr are being posted publicly on IBM Fix Central where there is already one fix for Domino and a bunch for Websphere. Deploying Sametime in your Environment – Chris Miller – Chris covered quite a bit of ground in an hour, here are some of the key points In 7.5.1 Hyper threading will still cause meetings to not go active – turn hyper threading off on all server where meetings occur. There is a buddy list conversion tool that must be run or people will lose their privacy settings (Tech Note 1242317) 7.5.1 offers the ability to offload the conversion service for slide display to another server to improve performance, conversion server is on the second CD or a separate download Developing Sametime Connect Plugins – Carl TylerCarl presented an overview of the Eclipse framework which is the foundation for Sametime 7.5.1 and Notes 8, as well as the components of a plugin. Carl wrapped up with a demo of editing plugins in eclipse as well as a demo of the plugins that ship with the SDK. Carl of course spent time on his greatest accomplishment, running Space Invaders or Asteroids as a Sametime Plugin. Deploying Sametime Connect Plugins – Chris Miller – following Carls session on developing plugins Chris explained how to use the update server to deploy the plugins to the clients. One point highlighted was a bug in 7.5.1 which does not allow different update sites, for different policies. Chris also talked about the Update Site template shipping in Notes 8. Chris also emphasized that while the Notes 8 Client will use the same technology this is only for Eclipse based portions of Notes 8, Smartupgrade (or another tool) will still need to be used to update the core nlnotes.exe etc.. in Notes 8. Lotus Quickr: Introducing and Understanding the New Templates – Viktor Krantz, Troy Reimer – Viktor and Troy demoed live the functionality of the templates being developed by Snapps for Quickr. So far the most popular question of the day is “When will the new templates be available for download” (the answer is soon). Check out Viktor’s blog for links to all of the template demos. Sametime Gateway for Public IM Installation and Configuration – Chris Miller – nothing like ending a short day with a simple topic like the Sametime Gateway. I have been working with the gateway for a few months now, will save this for a full post on my experience with gateway another time.

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