Some updates on Sametime and Quickr

A couple of updates on some previous posts 1. The Sametime Gateway and the mystery of the red icon this is now officially fixed in 7.5.1 CF1 SPR #MALN74YLF4. CF1 should be out any day. 2. Quickr Connector bug after applying the update (available at IBM Fix Central) there is now an error meessage when a user with reader access tries to upload a file: readeronly.png While this is better then nothing, not sure this is what I want my users to see, have submitted an enhancement request for a clearer error message. 3. Sametime awareness in Quickr last week when I set this up I found that when using Firefox, the “In a Meeting” status which is new in Sametime 7.5 was not working. With some help from Carl was able to figure this one out. When using IE the STlinks applets are launched directly off of the Sametime server, but when using Firefox the applets are launched from the Quickr Server itself. Quickr ships with an older version of STLinks, to fix I copied the STlinks directory from my Sametime server to my Quickr server (STLinks is in the Domino Data directory in dominohtmlsametime). After copying the STLinks directory you then need to replace the stlinksstlinks.jar with the one in the stlinkssigned directory, since Firefox will only run the signed applet. Finally I had to clear my browser cache since it had cached the applet that was originally on the server.

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