In Boston this week for the Lotus Premium Support Seminar

This moring I took the Acela from Newark to Boston, if you need to travel from the New York area to Boston this is definitely the way to go. The train takes 4 hours, and lets me off walking distance to my hotel, and eliminates the hassles of the airport. The next three days will be filled with sessions begining tomorrow morning with Mike Rhodin’s keynote, and networking with other Lotus Premium Support customers. I am also hoping to find some of the experts to get some help with my Lotus Connections install. I expect tomorrow morning Mike Rhodin will put some focus on ND8, the product is apparently done, and very close to shipping. I have not written much about ND8 yet, but I have been using the Notes 8 client as my primary client since last November, currently running my 11th version of the Beta. There is a lot of good stuff in this client, there is also some work to be done yet. I have a post in the works on Notes 8 that will show up later this week with more details.

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