Notes 8.0 (and other assorted items) on a stick.

Chris reminded me the other day that Notes 8 Basic configuration contains the Nomad functionality allowing it to be installed on a USB drive.  So I decided to download the basic client and replaced my Notes 7.0.2 with 8.0 on my USB Drive.  In 7.0.2 the install would only put down the client, not administrator or designer (there was a hack to copy down nadmin.,exe and ndesign.exe to get them to work though).  I downloaded the Basic install for all clients (Part number C13NEEN) and ran the install

setup /a /v"NOMAD=1 TARGETDIR=F: /qb+"

and it installed the Notes Client, including Admin and Design.  When running off of the USB key which I don’t do that often, I don’t think I will miss the Standard client.  I tried out the built in IM client, it is not really improved from Notes 7, but it does let me see external buddies through the gateway, I can’t add new ones, but can see and chat with my existing external contacts.  Like I said I don’t really have the need to use the install on the USB stick to often, but it has saved the day on more then one occasion.   So what else do I carry on a stick? Mainly stuff downloaded from PortableApps,  I have installed 7-zip, Filezilla, Firefox, OpenOffice, Putty, and Pidgin (which used to be called GAIM Portable) for IM.  Pidgin supports most IM platforms, including Sametime. Any other suggestions for useful portable apps? Let me know.

2 Responses to Notes 8.0 (and other assorted items) on a stick.
  1. Chris Whisonant
    August 24, 2007 | 1:34 pm

    The 7.0.2 Nomad code could successfully install Admin and Designer. I believe there was an issue at one point with it, though. I ran the nomad install for 8.0 from the Standard kit and it loaded in the Framework folder. IBM should correct that probably.

    By the way, the PortableApps stuff is awesome. I think I have about the same apps on mine…

  2. Roger Lim
    August 28, 2007 | 12:10 pm

    I believe it’s more useful to have the older client(s) on a stick. It’s faster, especially over the slower USB stick IO. Also very useful when testing some feature in prev. version