Quickr 8.0 Hot Fix 15 is now available on Fix Central

Quickr HF 15 is now available on  IBM Fix Central A picture named M2 Here are the fixes in HF15 that are new since HF11 (the HF is cumulative though so you do not need to install HF11 first if you have not done so.

9/19/2007 BACY75WLT9
Date of attached file is wrong when viewed w/ IE if Quickr Server is set to Danish time/date
9/19/2007 XZSU75P9VW
can not restrict user to add comment but not able to create blog entry.
9/19/2007 SORA75WQNS
Calendar invites: ICS file not proc right. Sent as std email with attach – no accept/decline buttons
8/24/2007 JCHU75EAPM
L10N : Create place doesn’t work for French Language
8/24/2007 JSDZ75T9QH
After translation, “Edit” cannot work correctly in wiki page.
8/24/2007 TCHU764JR7
L10N : User management layout problem for DBCS
8/24/2007 TCHU75CAMA
L10N : Translated strings “Click for Page Menu” in nquickplacers.dll, not displayed in UI
8/24/2007 JCHU762G8Y
L10N : Create Custom Theme: action buttons wrap when text too long
8/15/2007 N/A
Fixes layout alignment issue when customizing forms in a non-English install.
8/15/2007 RTIN75NGK2
Quickr sending sensitive information to browser
8/15/2007 RELS75G33F
Quickr crashes while authenticating

There is still no HF Installer, it is still a manual process of copying files, this one is 20 files across 7 directories.

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