IBM and Second Life to work on opening up virtual worlds

I have tried Second Life and I just don’t get, maybe it was the computer I was using at the time that lacked the proper resources, maybe it is just a lack of time to play with it, but it has not kept my attention.  I caught this article today, IBM and Second Life have announced plans to work together to open up virtual worlds so you can take a persona created in one world and use it in another.

Interoperability is emerging as a key goal of the nascent virtual world industry, which attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in investment on the hopes that video-game graphics and rich 3-D environments will supplant flat Web pages.

I am not sure how fast the web will be replaced by virtual worlds, but who knows, since Social computing has now grown up and entered the enterprise maybe the online virtual office is next, and it would be nice to be able to have one persona, and be able to leave the virtual office for a virtual meeting  I am still not sold on the whole thing,  I think for now I will just focus on building the Lotus Connections environment.  Second Life, IBM in open borders for virtual worlds

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