Sidebar plug-in Document viewer

I have been using Document Viewer from OpenNTF for a while now, today John Head posted about a new sidebar plug-in for Notes 8 which automatically displays the document properties, in a format that is much easier to read then natively in Notes.  John also provides excellent detailed instructions for installing the plug-in.  Here is a screen shot from my sidebar. A picture named M2 Thanks John and “Mr Frunobulax” One interesting note, I originally tried to install this from my office where I require a proxy to get out to the internet,  when I tried to update, it could not find any updates, when I came home and tried it immediately found and installed the plug-in, this makes me believe that the plug-in install engine does not read the proxy setting from the location doc (other sidebar plug-ins do not honor the location document settings either).   I will have to do a little more testing on this.

One Response to Sidebar plug-in Document viewer
  1. John Head
    October 18, 2007 | 9:46 pm

    Yeah, I was using document viewer as well. but the sidebar plugin just rocks.

    I am pretty sure the entire sidebar ignores the proxy settings, but that is just my gut reaction. We know roaming won’t touch the sidebar apps for a while … eh