Six year old attempts a drive to Applebee's, Three year old joy riding

Two stories today about little kids taking to the roads.  First six year old Josh Barber really wanted Applebee’s chicken nuggets so tried to drive himself there to get some.  To his credit he was very concerned about safety, even moved his car seat up to the drivers seat

After taking the car keys, he unlocked the car, moved his child seat to the driver’s seat so he could see better and tried to drive off.

but the plan did not work out too well

But, unable to take the car out of reverse, he backed up 75 feet from her house into a transformer, knocking out electricity and phone service to dozens of townhouses in this suburb north of Denver.

Next up was three year old Jordan Will and his unnamed two year old passenger who took to the roads in his battery powered car .  They made it several blocks from the house before the police managed to pull them over, but apparently not ticket was issues as they had obeyed all the traffic signs.

He even obeyed the signs, so that was good. He stopped at the red light and got on the cross walk,” said neighbor Jaci Bauer.

Jordan had a perfectly good explanation for where they went

He just said, ‘We went for a ride, daddy,’

but it looks like his days of cruising around the neighborhood are over for now.

All Jordan can do now is sit in the little car. His father has taken away the keys and removed the battery.

My four year old has just recently learned how to operate the garage door openers, and unlock the door from the house in to the garage, maybe it is time to start rethinking where I keep my car keys.

One Response to Six year old attempts a drive to Applebee's, Three year old joy riding
  1. Simon Scullion
    October 15, 2007 | 9:03 am

    Its scarey how quickly they learn!

    Our two year old gave us a similar reality check this weekend when she actually managed to put the key in the lock of the front door!