Spam Filters, Flat Tires, Blown leads…. and one bright spot

The last 2 days has gone something like this.  Yesterday around 11 AM I received a call from the office, it seems the Spam filter had for no reason at all decided to start acting up to the point that either no mail was flowing in, or all the mail spam included was getting through.  So while I had intended to be seated in front of the TV watching the Mets at 1 PM on Sunday instead I was on a conference call working on a stubborn spam filter.   Speaking of the Mets, well I guess I didn’t miss much, the game was apparently over in the first inning. So lets review on September 13th the Mets were in great shape with a 6.5 game lead and 17 games to play. A picture named M2 yet here we are 2 weeks later, and the season ended like this A picture named M3 The Mets managed to go 5-12 down the stretch while the Phillies went 12-4 to take the division.  So now it is October baseball without the Mets which is a huge disappointment. The lone bright spot of the weekend was the Giants defeating the Eagles and in the process tying an NFL Sack record.  The Giants not exactly off to a great start this season at least saved me a little aggravation from a few friends of mine who happen to be Phillies and Eagles Fans. So fast forward to this afternoon, when I was on a conference call reviewing yes you guessed it the spam filter, when my wife arrived home and informed me she had a flat tire, which granted in the grand scheme of car troubles I would take a flat tire over most other problems.  I did manage to remove the flat and install the spare tire, all while remaining on the previously mentioned conference call. So all that is left to figure out now is who to root for in the playoffs, I think it is finally the Cubs turn to win this year after all they recently won a World Series 99 years ago.  So my playoff teams are the Cubs, and whoever is playing the Yankees. Just remember 138 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

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