Lotusphere Day ?

OK So I have lost count which day is this?  This is actually the first time I have really sat down in front of a computer in two days (it actually might be the first time I sat down in two days).  Tuesday went something like this, first thing in the morning participated in the panel at the UC Keynote.  Lunchtime Q & A with analysts, followed by a presentation at “The Customer Speaks – selling Lotus internally”.  Before and after the presentations was preparation for this morning Social Computing Keynote. Dinner, and made it to sleep a little after midnight.  Another early start today to speak at the Social Computing keynote.  I did manage to spend some time at the vendor showcase today, as well as in the meet the developers labs.  In the evening I tried to be in two places at once, of course one of the places was the Yacht and Beach Convention Center, and the other was the Swan, not exactly close to each other.  I did manage to stop by the Bloggers BOF session for about 20 minutes, wish I could have stayed the whole time, oddly enough at this time I can’t find anyone who blogged the session I suppose that is ironic. Tonight at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, I rode the Hulk, and even though I really didn’t want to I went on the Spiderman ride again too, it was only fair I dragged John out Boat Racing, so he repaid the favor and dragged me on to Spiderman.   Tomorrow (well today) I am going to try something completely different and actually attend a few sessions something I have not done since Monday.  I actually have this crazy idea in my head that I will be at a 7 AM BOF at the Swan but I am really going to try. If all goes well and my battery is charged I will live blog from Gurupalooza, and Ask the Developers, which are two of the highlights of the last day of Lotusphere.  I have loads of pictures to sort through and upload, and a bunch of other stuff to write about Lotusphere, and will hopefully get to it over the next few days.

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