Upgraded to Blogsphere 3.0.1 B8a and BBMetablog 1.2.2

Blog has been upgraded to version Blogsphere 3.0.1 B8a, (was running B6 so upgrade was really due) to enable support for BBMetablog 1.2.2.  Test post from blackberry seemed to work fine.  Thanks to Jason Hook for BBMetalblog, and Declan Sciolla-Lynch   for getting out the upgrade to the Blogsphere template.  I also found a new feature I had asked Declan about a while ago in this version which is the ability to add code to the <head> section of the blog via the configuration document, preventing the need to make the change in the code.  This makes Blogsphere upgrades even easier then they are already without worrying about changes to code if you want anything additional in the <head> section, so thanks again Declan. Chris – thanks for being there for the upgrade today.

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