Detailed requirements for Connections 2.0

Technote 7011798 updated today in anticipation of the release of Connections R2 tomorrow.  No real surprises in this document, I will just highlight a few of the changes/new items If you are using IE6 make sure to read this MS Article 942840 and download the jscript.dll file to fix slow browser perfomance Domino LDAP 7.0.2, 8.0 and 8.0.1 are all specifically listed as supported (don’t forget WAS Fix Pack 52839 if using Domino LDAP) WAS version for R2 is (WAS Fix Pack 13, as well as Fix Pack 60529 Socialtext, Confluence 2.7 are now supported Wiki’s with connectors available to integrate with Connections TDI now is version 6.1.1 FP3 ( Download Fix Pack 3 here )

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