Lotusphere 2009 Registration (-93 from 2008)

Well I knew last years 27 would be hard to beat, so this year I managed 120 A picture named M2 I booked myself into the Disney Yacht Club as I have done the last few years,  while it adds a little walking each day (lets face it a few more steps one way or the other really does not matter in the grand scheme of things) I prefer staying there to the Swan or Dolphin. In other news Twitter managed to withstand the anticipation of the site going live, which certainly made today a very active day on Twitter. Finally one additional twist to Lotusphere this year, it will take place during the administration of two US Presidents, as Tuesday January 20, 2009 will be inauguration day, when the 44th  US President will take office. Now off to write some session abstracts. Lotusphere 2009 Homepage Lotusphere 2009 Registration Lotusphere 2009 Abstracts

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