How to find or follow me @ Lotusphere

All the details on where I will be, and more importantly how to find or follow me at Lotusphere. To follow all my activity at Lotusphere here are the key links My blog (OK I guess if you are reading this you are here already) twitter: curiousmitch brightkite: curiousmitch flickr: curiousmitch friendfeed: curiousmitch I will be using the IdoCheckin system via Brightkite to update my location, if you have not yet looked at IdoCheckin here are some relevant links IdoCheckin – checkpoints for Lotusphere2009 IdoCheckin – the logo to look for IdoCheckin benefits – SMS cheatsheet (or use the web) for Lotusphere IdoCheckin – email guide IdoCheckin – the mobile browser interface IdoCheckin – Making the iPhone app easier to use My Sessions Tuesday 4:15 – 5:45 CUST101 TheLotus Evangelists: Customer Panel  DL S. Hemisphere III – This session is a handful of customers presenting for five minutes each on their experience with a Lotus product, followed by some time for informal Q&A (Informal means open bar) Wednesday 12:30 -2:15 SHOW302 Getting your feet wet with Lotus Connections SW Osprey – we are getting more then just our feet wet, as Chris Whisonant and I install and configure a Lotus Connections environment live on stage in less then two hours 3:00 – 4:00 ID105 What were they Thinking? When UX Design Collides with Reality – Come join us as John Lance takes one for the entire UX team and explains what they were thinking, with a humorous look at what does and does not work in the design process and how you can get more involved.

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