Live from the Turtles guide to lotusphere (updated with photos)

Live blogged on the iPhone (Now cleaned up with Pictures Kudos to IBM for letting The Turtle present this fun filled session, that contained both lots of humor, and well good advice for surviving Lotusphere.  I know there is still a lot of great stuff to come this week, but nothing quite like this session will be repeated any time this week. CIMG0794 No food fight, William Shatner not showing up for a food fight (I don’t know this was promised in the abstract!) Your backpack at the parties don’t do it! It’s a marathon Don’t burn out on Sunday night Party like it’s 1699? (throws more candy into the crowd) What to Look for this week Mashups Connections Foundations Xpages Anything else that ends in the letter S Bluehouse Anything your boss told you to look for Ideajam Social Events ” the parties find me they won’t find you because you are young and you suck” Weather forecast for the week ( pours a cup of water on his head to remind us about the animal kingdom party 2 years ago) Special guests Bruce Elgort up ok stage talking about ideajam CIMG0798 Matt White on xpages CIMG0800 Libby Ingrassia talking about the Nerd Girls and Yoga CIMG0802 Bill Buchan words can’t capture this segment (but I think I saw someone taking some video)  Bills advice for technology to focus on this year – liposuction CIMG0803 Get in to the labs and make sure to attend ask the developers Why are the cows on the podium – Disney staff views us as catle Turtle rick rolls the crowd CIMG0806 Thats all folks off to the beach for the Welcome Reception

One Response to Live from the Turtles guide to lotusphere (updated with photos)
  1. Frank Santiago
    January 25, 2009 | 9:31 am

    Hey Mitch:

    This was my 1st conference and it was awesome. I would love to see your conference write up. I will issue a joint write-up with Linda Monteiro.
    I will make sure to send you a copy, so you can get a business users perspective. I may be to attend the IBM content management conference in October in Vegas.