Lotusphere 2009 Wrap Up: The Lotusphere Blogger Program

It really was an honor and privilege to be asked to participate in the Lotusphere Blogger program.  Thanks to Erica and Ed for putting this program together, and giving me yet another hat to wear at Lotusphere which enhanced my experience last week.  The blogger program really highlighted to me that Lotus recognizes the contributions of the blogger community throughout the year, and that blogs are a primary source people use for announcements and information during the conference.   One of my personal highlights of the program (well besides the OGS Seats) was the Monday evening Q&A session with the Lotus Exec team IMG_2120 One could think that this group took a chance holding an open Q&A for a group of bloggers (most of whom were live blogging or recording the session for a podcast), but really in what was a theme all week, they were very forthcoming with open honest answers to sometimes tough questions, while maintaining a sense of humor about it.  (one other note, don’t anyone even think about messing with Erica, anyone who can stand up in front of twenty five bloggers and get them quiet, should not be started with!) Another event for the bloggers was being on the show floor Sunday watching the judging for the CTO and Best in Showcase awards, I never really thought about the awards much before, beyond hearing them announced, and seeing them listed at the lunch tables.  Watching the judging and speaking to some of the finalists I learnt two things.  First the finalists put a tremendous number of hours and great effort to being there, and preparing to present to the judges.  Second the judges took the presentations very seriously asking lots of questions of each presenter.  The winners clearly earned it, both with their products, and their presentations to the judges. The group of bloggers participating was a diverse group including customers, business partners, and some bloggers from outside of the community which provided a unique outsiders perspective.  This is an addition to Lotusphere I hope to see back again next year.

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