Lotusphere Day 1 (Jumpstart Day) Wrap Up

Wrapping up Sunday here at Lotusphere, and getting some much needed sleep to rest up for the OGS tomorrow morning.  On Jumpstart day I always try to attend a session or two that is out of the bounds of what I normally do, it is a good opportunity to learn something new.  To accomplish this I started the day with two dev sessions JMP201 AJAX and JSON, followed by JMP203 JMP203 Getting to Know XPages.   After lunch it was off to the show floor to watch the finalists present their solutions to the judges.   Before heading out to the beach for the welcome receptions a stop at The Turtles Guide to Lotusphere. Welcome reception, followed by some socializing at Kimono’s and the Dolphin Rotunda.  I really think people need their Twitter ID’s on their badges, but it is great to meet people and put faces to names and twitter id’s. Lots of people using IdoCheckin, making it a little easier to find people or connect with people you know, but don’t know in person. CIMG0778 Time for some sleep now, will be Live Blogging the OGS right here starting at 8:15 tomorrow morning.

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