Lotusphere Day 3 Wrap Up

Winding down from another Lotusphere Day, a day in which I might get to sleep before 1 AM which would be a very good thing given the day I have tomorrow. I started the day at a 7 AM BOF  Quickr with the Quickr product management team, a very well attended session given the hour.  Lots of good interaction between customers and product management, with a interesting mix of customers running Quickr Domino, Quickr J2EE, as well as customers integrating with both Notes and Outlook. The Software as a Service keynote as I said earlier was an excellent session, I really felt like a very clear message was delivered on strategy for on premise services compared to hosted services, as well as integration points for the two. Next up for me was a trip down to the vendor showcase mainly catching up with some vendor (and friends) on the floor, and taking a look at a few products, as well as a nice visit with Luis Suarez.  After lunch I spent some time in the UX and Innovation labs, will try to capture some of the innovation lab in another post at a later time. Finally it was time for Lotusphere Idol.  Last year I was not able to make it to this session, and this year I was really torn between Lotusphere Idol and another session at the same time, but I am really glad I chose Lotusphere Idol.  I wonder if any other conference runs a session quite like this. The next session was The Lotus Evangelists – Customer Panel, where in my role as a customer I presented some of our experiences with Quickr and Connections (in less then five minutes).  This is the second year I have presented at  this session, the format is simple six customers present for five minutes each on a particular piece of the Lotus Portfolio, the session then resumes in the back of the room with an open bar and a chance to socialize, and continue the conversation with other customers. Finally the Nachos and News Session for the participants of the Lotus Blogger program.  The big news, which had actually broken earlier was the news of ActiveSync support coming in Traveler sometime in 2009, yes this means the ability to sync your iPhone with notes and use the native iPhone e-mail, contacts, and calendar clients!  No firm dates for beta or release, but this was demoed at a session earlier in the day. The day wrapped up with dinner, and the “Evening with Engineering” event for Design Partners. Tomorrow is my marathon day, with both of my sessions taking place between 12:30 and 4:00 tomorrow. SHOW302 Getting your feet wet with Lotus Connections will be from 12:30-2:15 in SW Osprey ID105 What Were They Thinking? When UX Design Collides with Reality will be from 3:00-4:00 in DL S. Hemisphere II More tomorrow….. sleep now

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