Lotusphere Idol Recap

As promised here is my recap of Lotusphere Idol, would have loved to blog live, but the laptop battery just was not cooperating. First off congratulations to all the contestants on a job well done. Ed Brill did an excellent job as the host. IMG_2130 Alan Lepofskys cameo appearance as Dr. Paul BuchanElgort was shall we say memorable, and well educational if you are interested in Locust IMG_2157 IMG_2155 The only downside for Alan was I suspect he had trouble finding someone to dine with tonight after spending a considerable amount of time discussing the finer points of eating Locust. The contestants all turned in excellent performances leaving the judges with a tough decision to make, so tough in fact that they decided to award two winners who will each get 30 minutes to present on Thursday morning. Congratulation to Nate Lowry & Matt Rosno from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for their winning presentation on creating a Symphony plug in for Sharepoint, and to Andrew Brew for his presentation titled “Replaceable Parts” One final thought from the session over the years I have hear many times how is Lotus going to reach out to the younger generation and get them involved in Lotus Technology, I think having a pair of 21 year old college students at Lotusphere on stage presenting work they developed for Symphony is a pretty good sign.

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