The final hours of Lotusphere 2009

I am sitting here at Ask the Developers as the last few hours of Lotusphere 2009 are quickly passing.  I have absolutely no voice left, but otherwise I think I made it through the week in decent shape with about 4 hours of sleep a night..  It’s been a terrific week, and certainly one of the highlights has been putting faces with what have only been Twitter names until now, as well as catching up with old friends. Lots more to still write about Lotusphere, but the laptop battery has really just not cooperated (one of a number of technical challenges I faced in the course of the week) In no specific order  and mainly as a reminder to myself here are some posts in the works over the next couple of days Lotusphere 2009 wrap up Social Networking at Lotusphere 2009 My technically challenging Lotusphere 2009 Thoughts on Live Blogging, Twitter, Cover It Live. The 2009 Lotusphere Blogger Program Looking forward to the CGS, and mini-golfing as well as what ever else the evening brings.  Disney Magical Express is picking me up at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning for my 6:45 flight home.  Will be nice to get home and see my family after a week away.

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