The Lotusphere iPhone Configuration

I have been rearranging iPhone applications on my iPhone to prepare for Lotusphere, here is the first screen of my iPhone and the applications I expect to use the most during the week Picture Twitterfon – free Twitter client, easy to use, and updated in the iTunes app store today with a new feature making conversations easier to follow BrightKite – iPhone app that allows easy checkin and posting on Brightkite . IDoCheckin iBlogger  – blogging client that supports the metaweblog API and I have configured to post to my blog (BlogSphere 3.0.1 B9) Facebook –  have to keep up with the goings on at home somehow, and for better or worse Facebook will probably be my source of information iNotes Ultralite – shortcut to access my mail and calendar via iNotes ultralite Google Reader – shortcut to my google reader for keeping up with feeds if I actually have time Planetlotus –  shortcut to Planet Lotus Mobile site any questions? GrandDialer – iPhone application that allows me to make phone calls from the iPhone via Google GrandCentral – shortcut to for updating statuses on different services hellotxt – shortcut to hellotxt for updating statuses on different services Twitfire – simple Twitter app that makes uploading photos to TwitPic very easy AccuWeather – the matter how cold it might be in Orlando it will be warmer then New Jersey! Camera – those of you who know me know I am always taking pictures YouTube – It’s just there I never moved it Stocks – for the days I am not afraid to look Photos – have to be able to show off my kids at Lotusphere 🙂 I have lots of other apps on the iPhone, but this is the list I think will be the most used over the next week.  What am I missing? What’s on your mobile device for Lotusphere?

One Response to The Lotusphere iPhone Configuration
  1. Chris Whisonant
    January 15, 2009 | 4:59 pm

    Glad you’re liking TwitterFon, AccuWeather, and Google Reader… Emoticon

    You should check out DarkRoom – it’s a free camera app that will wait for your hand to be still before snapping the picture. It’s replaced the default camera for me! Also, what do you have for the double-press of the home button? Mine opens to my phone favorites, so I move the phone icon to a different page too.