How the world has changed since I started running the DAOS Estimator

DAOS is great it really is, so great that I can’t wait to be running it in production, the DAOS Estimator, while a great tool for building a slam dunk business case for upgrading to Domino 8.5, takes a while to run, especially if you have a larger mail server.  I have been waiting for a few days now to blog some DAOS numbers, and looks like the wait is going to be a few hours longer. So here is a list of things that I can think of that have happened since I started running the DAOS Estimator on my server: 1. Version 1.2 of the DAOS Estimator tool was released (also check out Concerns over DAOS Estimator? and the response). 2. One of my kids developed a cough and was taken to the doctor. 3. My family went away for the weekend and spend two nights away from home. 4. The NY Rangers fired their coach 5  We learnt that Lotuscript is still being developed (even though nobody actually ever said it wasn’t). 6. Another one of my kids came down with a stomach ailment and threw up all over his crib. 7. Gmail was down for a few hours and if this runs a few hours longer I will be able to add that President Obama delivers the State of the Union. OK all kidding aside to be fair…. my server contains almost 7000 mail files or mail-in databases, which occupy 4TB of space, so while I need to wait a little while longer to get the summary results from looking at the individual files I can see that the estimated space savings are tremendous.  Once it finishes I will do a full write up on it’s findings. My mail file which is on an 8.5 Server has already been DAOSified, it went from 1GB  to 400 MB, not a bad savings!

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  1. Vitor Pereira
    February 24, 2009 | 5:11 pm

    There’s more to it, just got out of a chat with Chris where we tested the estimator.
    He will be opening a new PMR with IBM.