Blackberry Account Managers Provide Excellent Customer Support

I am in NYC today attending an IBM Premium Support customer summit.  The summit is a one day event which features presentations, as well as the opportunity to network with other customers and catch up with out Premium Support Manager.  The first presentation was given by Mark Howden a Technical Account Manager for Research in Motion on the RIM/IBM Partnership.  File this fact away for a little later in the story. For those of you who don’t know me I am obsessed with battery life on my devices (that is probably why I own one of these).  Well after a heavy day of Blackberry/Phone use yesterday I somehow forgot to charge it last night.  I had my laptop with me today, but did not have a Micro-USB cable you might recall I have a Blackberry Storm (as opposed to a Mini-USB cable which every other Blackberry uses). Sadly around 10 AM my Blackberry battery was dead and I had no way to charge it.  A little while ago on the afternoon break I was chatting with Mark from RIM (our first presenter of the day) and mentioned my battery died.  He reached in his bag and swapped a spare fully charged battery he had for my dead battery putting me back in business. Now that is customer service!

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