Blackberry App World – What happens to your purchased apps when you switch devices

Yesterday I purchased my first App from Blackberry App World, while it was hardly a major investment  (I purchased TalkLock for $2.99) it got me wondering about what happens to your purchased applications if you switch devices. A little digging around brought me to Blackberry KB17625 Transferring BlackBerry App World items to a new BlackBerry smartphone. The good news is purchases are transferable all you need to do is install App World on the new device, and login with the same Paypal account used previously on the old device which will give you the ability to reinstall your applications. A bonus tip for using Paypal with App World (and yes Paypal is the only method of payment supported by App World).  Paypal offers an optional Security Token as additional protection for your account.  I have had one of these for a while it takes an extra 3 seconds to push the button and enter your code when logging in, but I think it is a good layer of security for my  account. A picture named M2 When I log in on my PC after entering my password I get an additional prompt for the six digit number.  I wondered how this would work on App World, the answer is simply append the six digit code to your password when logging in on the Blackberry.

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